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Service is at the heart of education, and it’s at the heart of what we do at Weswurd

For more than 20 years, we’ve been serving Ohio school districts with comprehensive solutions for the Ohio Medicaid School Programs. Our goal is to maximize reimbursements while minimizing the administrative burdens and documentation burdens for our clients. We want school districts to save money by maximizing reimbursements. More importantly, we want school therapists to spend their time helping children; not struggling through a maze of documentation, compliance and billing. 

At Weswurd, we recognize the many unique challenges that educators face daily. With time and funding at a premium, it is our objective to lessen the burden by serving those who serve others. We’ve earned a reputation for exceptional customer service, flexible documentation tools, rapid response time, and ongoing support and guidance. 

Therapists and school administrators make a positive difference in the lives of children every day.  At Weswurd, it's our mission to make a difference, too.


for Ohio Schools.


for therapists.


We make it stress-free to get started with the Ohio Medicaid School Program. We will help your school district obtain a National Provider Identification (NPI) number and enroll as a Medicaid provider with the State of Ohio. We identify reimbursable services being delivered, train all therapists and develop implementation methods for all Medicaid School Program mandates.


Why contract with a third-party vendor? With over twenty years of experience, Weswurd has the knowledge base to coordinate all aspects of the Medicaid School Program. Our expertise and attention to detail saves district administrators and therapists valuable time, allowing them to focus on the bigger picture – student’s needs.  Weswurd will ensure that all requirements for participation established by the Ohio Administrative and Revised codes are being met and procedures for program mandates are in place. We also verify that documentation is audit safe before submitting and reconciling claims. Our assistance in preparing cost reports and the Agreed Upon Procedures Engagement ensures your district is reimbursed in a timely manner.  From program implementation through year-end reconciliation, Weswurd has your district covered.


We designed our documentation system with therapists in mind.  It’s straightforward and flexible, so that therapists can spend more time delivering their services and less time documenting them. Along with initial documentation training, we provide ongoing support. We build relationships with our therapists; checking in regularly to see how we can better serve their needs. We’re always eager and available to answer their questions and provide assistance. We also stay up to date on changing laws and regulations and keep district staff informed in order to maintain an audit-safe Medicaid School Program.


At Weswurd, we make it simple for your administrators to oversee their staff through our documentation system. Administrators can capitalize on our library of pre-built reports designed to measure therapist participation and identify problem areas with just a few clicks, allowing them to quickly and easily address problems. Customizable reports are our specialty. We are more than happy to customize a report to fit your district’s individual needs.


Weswurd will coordinate required year-end reporting and auditing procedures to ensure districts adhere to the rules and regulations of the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Department of Medicaid. Annually, after each Agreed Upon Procedures engagement, we provide each district with an analysis of the 40+ areas tested; focusing on both areas that have been implemented correctly and areas that need improvement. 



School Medicaid made easy.





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